Day 1 – Discovery: Girls don’t like rain

Figures that on the day I begin, it’s ridiculously rainy. I spent a good amount of time walking around in the rain with nothing to show for it (save a few warm up chats). I also did this during work hours in a relatively sparse neighborhood. Lesson: mind weather, location and time.

I wonder if my lack of approaches after ~1.5 hours is due to the weather, location, and/or time, or if I’m just making excuses. Not gonna lied, still pretty intimidated.

How the first part of the day went

How the first part of the day went

Later on, I went to a more dense area. Had much better success. Ran after this girl I saw walking and opened very forwardly. Went really well – could tell from the little things she did to help move the interaction (e.g. stepping off street onto sidewalk, picking up the conversation, etc). We ended up grabbing coffee and had a great chat. We left with plans to meet up in the future. Win!

Had to do some errands and sissied out of other day approaches until it was night. Generally, I think meeting girls on the street at night isn’t as powerful or efficient as during the day, but I didn’t want my first day to be weak.

All told, in the span of 3 or so hours, I did 9 approaches that were all very forward at night about the town / on the street. Some went well but generally I find it can be intimidating for girls even in crowded areas. Lesson: try to avoid night street stuff, and when doing it be extra cognizant of not scaring the shit out of girls.

Went to friends party then out with some of the guys. Bunch of drunkish borderline sleazy bar interactions not worth writing about / tracking. One solidish lead from that (which I’ll count since I’ll be following up).

All told the day went pretty well!

All told the day went pretty well!


  • 11 countable approaches
  • 3 to follow up on
  • 1 quick date that was super solid


  • Be mindful of weather, location, time.
  • Night street approaches not a great idea.
  • Funniest rejection: girl asked if I was mugging her or if I was doing some kind of experiment. We talked for a while about this and she shared intimate and unusual details about her life and relationship status that convinced me I shouldn’t pursue her.
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2 Responses to Day 1 – Discovery: Girls don’t like rain

  1. Horacio says:

    Could you provide a bit more detail about your interactions. Maybe exactly how you approached them? Their initial reactions? Did the location on the street make a difference?

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