Day 2 – Get out earlier

Meetings went late until 4PM or so. A little less than 2 hours of sunlight and I haven’t talked to any girls.

Got on it quickly and managed to approach a few. Nothing super great to report.

Though I did notice that the first approach was the hardest. Once I got over that one, things got a lot easier. I kind of got into a “zone” where I wasn’t caring what the girls thought or really about what I said. I was just having fun.

When the sun was setting and I was satisfied with my work, I saw a girl standing on a corner. Easy target. I had already mentally finished, but decided to go for it anyway. I had had a string of rejections and expected the same. Surprisingly, this actually went really well. Sure, I was more “in the zone”. But nothing was really different. This makes me think how well it goes is predominantly random.

I guess I didn’t really care too much since I already have some solid leads from yesterday. This seemed to make things a lot more relaxed and natural I am also already noticing a huge increase in social confidence. If I’m out on the city, I’m just more comfortable… Can go to a bar alone and just hang out with no sweat, etc.

Didn’t get out early enough, but am still satisfied with the leg work. Ultimately, not satisfied with these amount of approaches – I’d like to be doing 10 total day street approaches. I did 1 yesterday and 4 today, which is an improvement. Let’s get to 20!


  • 7 countable approaches
  • 1 to follow up on


  • Go out earlier – need more sunlight!
  • Scant evidence suggesting success with each girl is random (I can’t determine it beforehand).
  • Funniest rejection: girl talks to me for a while before revealing she has a boyfriend but mentions her roommate is cute and single and offers to set us up. I figure why not, and told her where I’d be hanging out later. I went to a different bar.
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