Day 3 – Sucky Saturday

Today sucked. Hardcore. All approaches were rejections. Nothing really positive from them – didn’t even really have a conversation – all were girls “instantly fleeing”.

Why did this happen? Few possibilities:

(1) Pure luck / numbers

(2) Attractive girls aren’t primed for meeting random dudes on Saturdays

(3) I was in a bad mood (tired from going out all day and night the past two days)

No idea, but fortunately I’m not really dissuaded. My perspective is that I really need to make some number of attempts before I get a solid candidate (I’ve said previously this is 40). So, now I’m a lot closer to that number. And I’m tougher. Roar!

Also on the positive side, all of the approaches were direct street!

I also didn’t leave until 3PM, so maybe I just didn’t have enough time to warm up, or just go through enough rolls of the die? OK, I’m going to go out earlier! I promise.

I’m also noticing it’s pretty difficult to find girls I’m attracted to enough to approach. Surely, they exist – especially in NYC. I think this is due to a number of reasons. First, it’s still a little chilly outside (especially for the fairer sex), so a lot of gals are bundled up. Second, in the day, girls don’t necessarily put terrific care to their look (esp. in the winter!). Third, I think with only a small amount of time, it’s hard to make that kind of snap decision. A solution is just to approach the maybes and eject immediately if it turns out they’re not what I thought. Another is to investigate further (but that just seems a little creepy).

I also may want to do warm up conversations with random people so I’m in the right mindset / mood. Didn’t seem like I was in a great mood today.


  • 6 countable approaches (all direct street, which is a win!)
  • 0 to follow up on


  • Really tough day – constant stream of rejections
  • I NEED TO GO OUT EARLIER – started today at 3PM!
  • The big winter coats aren’t helping here, ladies.
  • Funniest rejection: “I’m gay”. And I believe her.
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