Gearing up for first day

It’s 11AM of what is supposed to be the “First Day”, I woke up late. I should be out on the street now. Am definitely feeling anxiety and nervousness.

I’ve stopped random girls before and have been direct (“wanted to talk to you because I find you attractive” kind of stuff). But the thought of purposefully doing this is still very intimidating. Especially doing a whole bunch in a single day.

Will girls just think I’m a creep or weirdo? Even more scarily, will surrounding people? Will folks laugh at me? Or, worse, call the cops (I know this isn’t illegal, but for some reason this seems scary)? What if someone I know sees me stopping an a bunch of random girls? Will I get a reputation?

How I imagine onlookers

How I imagine onlookers

All of these are concerns of mine. In my experience, this is my subconscious trying to talk me out of doing something hard that will be worth it (why is it that in general hard things are generally worthwhile?).

Yet, on a bigger level, what if I discover this is really hard or impossible? What if I don’t find a great girlfriend or even a promising hint at that? Will I be left forever alone with a potential dating pool of folks I’m not that into? This is far scarier prospect.

I have to keep in mind that once I get going, it will be all easy after that. Just need to get over that hump. I’ve got it written here, so I’m committed now. Readers, thanks for that.

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