Day 6 – I’m doing better

OK, I think today was my favorite day so far.

Not only was the weather awesome (note – this may actually make a big difference when approaching strangers – girls seem more receptive/friendly/happy… oh why did I pick February). I also had an important business meeting at the end of the day, so I was dressed especially well (not a suit or over the top, but definitely nicely… note that I generally tend to dress well… *cough* metro).

OK, started the day with huge anxiety. I actually had a biz meeting first. And I remember just not being in a super friendly/conversational mood. I was more quiet. Socializing to me is like turning the lights on in a pitch black room. My eyes have trouble adjusting, especially at first. I want nothing more than to just go back to that comfortable place with the lights off. But once my eyes have adjusted, I can see all of my bedroom’s Katy Perry posters and am all the better off for it.

Because the Internet needs more pics of Katy Perry

Because the Internet needs more pics of Katy Perry

So, I had that same “Oh shit, I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s weird. I should just work more. I am tired” feeling. Got over it quickly. Maybe this is another theory in the making?

One big change I’ve noticed is that my typical interaction is markedly different. I could go digging in my data to support this claim, but it’s almost more qualitative. I feel like the general interaction is now the two of us having fun. Even if she has a boyfriend, or married, or not into my dorkly type, we’re generally joking around/having a good time.

Cool! Huh? I wonder what other changes I’ll see. Also, the big question to me is: is this really a skill? or is there just a base level of proficiency? (this has big implications!)

Other random thought – I need to stop wasting time in low density areas. I spend most of my time just meandering around. I’m going to focus more on hot spots to increase efficency. Looks like I’m clocking a steady 5 approaches per hour on average. I wonder how high I can get that

Also, I know I said I would do at least 5 days/week. But… I *may* need to take more breaks between days/posting. For several reasons:

  • Process the onslaught of data I get from each day / date
  • Figure out ways to tweak what I’m doing based on learnings
  • Focus on follow up / dates (still have only gone out once!)
  • May need to do more work – you know, the thing that brings in money.

Some interactions:

Right after my first approach, I had perhaps my best interaction so far. Totally my type – very cute blond girl. We just chatted, had this great chemistry. I remember when I asked her if she wanted to hang out, she was like “maybe”, which caught me off guard. So I said something like “What will turn that maybe into a yes?”, and she was just immediately like “Yes. Let’s do it”.

Side note: OK ladies I’m calling you out. WTF is up with all of this hard to get stuff? It’s a pattern I’m noticing (ESPECIALLY with getting you sassy sisters out on dates). It’s definitely teaching me that I need to be super persistent… You brought this on yourselves! 🙂

Girls like playing hard to get.... so up the persistence!

Girls like playing hard to get.... so up the persistence!

Soon after, I ran into this girl that I just started talking to (I tend to have random conversations with people throughout the day for the lolz / keep the gears greased). I don’t think she was my type (and might be a little old), and I didn’t stop her like I would a girl I was in to. But holy hell did we hit it off. She was making the same bad jokes I did – and laughing at my other ones. Really cool chica. We exchanged contact info… Looks like it might be a friend!

I also ran into this drop-dead gorgeous girl (observation – the very, very pretty girls seem totally cool with this kind of thing. Strange.). We had a great conversation, but she’s had a long term bf. So we became fbook friends in case she’s ever single (note fbook confirms she’s a model.).

Also, another gorgeous girl (who did exchange contact info) works as a makeup artist for lots of famous and important people… Kind of cool. I would *never* run into someone like that in my normal day to day. Let alone potentially go out with her!


  • Got anxiety again before warming up… I think this just happens. This is good to note ‘cuz I can just acknowledge it’s happening and power through
  • Interactions are MUCH better now. Most cases we’re smiling even if she has a bf/isn’t interested
  • I am finding some very pretty and cool girls! I ❤ NY!


  • 17 countable approaches
  • 2 follow ups + 2 more long term (fbook – live father away, in relationship now)
  • 0 “flee instantlys” (OK ok, 2 what I term “happy flees”. Meaning they smile, look happy, maybe say something like “have a bf, or thanks” and jet)
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2 Responses to Day 6 – I’m doing better

  1. Rod says:

    Sleepy so I apologize for grammar/promtness.
    1. Congrats, sounds like you’re doing a lot better.
    2. It is actually a skill. ( find the pdf handbook (rougly 85pgs but has some awesome info, compiled by members)
    3. Don’t remember this well unfortunarely but it’s an awesome response to “I have a boyfriend.”
    Girl: I have a boyfriend
    You: So do I, he’s [insert cheesy joke or remark that comes to mind]

    • Hey Rod – thanks for the comment!

      I know r/seduction assumes it’s a skill, but I’m almost challenging that assumption. I wonder how much skill really matters vs it just being a numbers game.

      It may turn out there are components of both there, but I’m still betting that most of the skill stuff isn’t as important as just meeting lots of girls.

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