Day 7 – Rainy day

Only did 10 approaches today (but did them fast) as the rain was getting annoying (read: excuse). Really though, girls weren’t around much. And, after some analysis, I’m thinking 12 is a good number to shoot for daily (since that should turn into 2 followups). It shouldn’t be too much of a time chunk, and hopefully will give some good results. Am still down for the 20+ days every now and then of course!

I noticed that even though I took the day off yesterday, I’m not needing much of a warmup. I’m relaxed talking to girls on the street now. Cool.

And, as said before, being relaxed and comfortable, has calmed them down too. Interactions are expected to be at least fun now.

I’m getting better at identifying the types of girls I want and approaching them. Cool.

Did an approach inside of a coffee shop (but there was a bunch of room around so it was just like on the street… not like folks are sitting very close to each other)… I’m still more hesitant to approach in doors (I guess I feel like there’s more of a chance others will hear/interact, which seems awkward and I don’t want to make girls feel like they can’t leave if they don’t want to).

I’m wondering if one thing I should focus on is finding specific reasons of why I like each girl and letting her know that (a friend mentioned that this helps him with girls). It makes sense, as I’d think pretty girls get a bunch of attention for their looks. Really, I want a pretty gf but of course she has to be cool too… So I should be looking for these traits anyway! I’ll give it a try!


  • 10 approaches (1 inside, others all day street direct)
  • 3 followups (1 #, 2 fbooks)


  • More of the grind, but feel a higher level of competency
  • May want to start finding non-beauty-related reasons to ask girls out
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