I’m still going!

Hey – wanted to check in and update.

I know I haven’t posted in a while… Wish I had a better reason but work has just picked up incredibly and I’ve had to really busy my ass this week (perhaps a consequence of spending too much time roaming the streets for chicks the week(s) before?). 

I have done up through the second quntile (so 12 total days). Granted, the last time I went out was something like a week ago (lame!)…. I went to go out today and did find it really difficult to get the motivation to approach (especially since I have some promising prospects lined up from last week!)… also I had to get back to the office. I think this is the first time I went out, did an approach, but then had to scratch the day due to not having approached enough after a certain amount of time / having to get back…. Certainly contrasts with the glory days when I started and just disregarded all other obligations…

I have an idea.. To block off a certain day and try to hit 30 approaches. I know I can do it if I just spend enough time (maybe 6ish hrs of actual street time?). The short 7-10 approaches I’ve been doing recently don’t seem to reach critical mass… I hope doing a marathon will really get me into that activation energy. Also, will be good to catch up! Will have to think about when!

Another point. A reader (thanks btw) sent in an article written by a girl about how nice guys are “emitonal sluts” and how unattractive it is. I enjoyed the article and it made a lot of sense, check it out: http://totalfratmove.com/812001. 

I am still 100% in favor of it being a numbers game. But, certainly there must be ways to tweak conversion (just like any good experiment)! In this vein, I wonder if I am being too much of a “nice guy”. Maybe my direct/compliment conversation starter comes across more as pandering or flattery or “please like me” (or, rather, “please don’t reject me… it keeps on happening and it sucks”). 

I don’t really like the idea of going indirect for all the aforementioned reasons. One suggestion readers have brought forth is to be more specific with my compliments. Maybe I’ll experiment with that!

Expect more posts and expect more action. Things are getting more exciting as I’m meeting great girls and having some promising prospects! I’m not even half way through yet. and I will get through 30 days. 


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2 Responses to I’m still going!

  1. Menace says:

    You seem to be on the right track. You insight is pretty good. As you gain more experience, pattern will start to emerge if they haven’t already. Ironically, sometimes more learning comes from your “failures” than the successes. I can already tell that you are becoming acutely aware of details that would have eluded you on “Day 1”.

    And as far as “failures” are concerned — there are no real failures — just opportunities to learn!

    Additionally, once you reach the end to the tunnel, you will be awesome. By doing this “experiment” on your own & learning from the hard-knocks of real life experiences, you are learning things “the-hard-way”. Having a coach or a buddy to wing you would allow you to progress faster & have more fun. Nonetheless, by things on your own, you will become very independent & can handle any situation that my arise. You don’t have to depend upon anyone else.

    Just keep going . . .


  2. SL says:

    Remember, you only need to find ONE girl that you really like and mesh with. So keep that in mind whenever things get you down. I took some time off from dating and one of the girls that I went on a date with a while back (I ended up dating another girl in the mean time so we lost touch) texted me out of the blue so we went on another date. It turned out that the dude she was dating for a while turned out to be a douche and she remembered me from our date a long time ago so she wanted to see how I was doing. We had a good date and it reminded me that while it sucks to go on shitty dates, when you do go on a good date and you like the girl, then it’s all worth it.

    Also, here’s a little tip about that 1st date kiss. I’ve had good success with 90%+ rate on the 1st date kiss with the 1st dates that I’ve been on. Here’s what I do.

    1. You pretty much have to have a pretty good feeling that she was into you and that she’d kiss you before you even try. I don’t mean give yourself a way to chicken out. I mean, you should start getting a good feel of how much fun SHE HAD. Not just how much fun YOU HAD.
    2. If things are going REALLY good, you can try for one during the date, but on most dates, I like to wait until the very end of the date. If I walk her to her car or her door, I wait until it’s the very last thing that we do.
    3. As you say good night, you just put your hands on her waistline and do a gentle pull-in / lean in and confidently lean in to her mouth like giving a kiss is the most normal and natural thing to happen right now. Sort of like if you were giving someone a handshake or a European kiss hello.
    4. This is key. While you are going for the kiss, you do it slow enough and gently enough and with good timing so that while you lead it and lean in, you sort of have to let her KISS YOU! This is a matter of milliseconds and crucial part of the timing. Or else, you might force yourself on her when she really didn’t want to kiss you and that’s going to be weird.
    5. OFFENSIVE REBOUNDING. If she does a dodge and kisses you on the cheeks or just tries to give you a hug, I’d let her. But then right away, I’d probably smile and say something like, “Oh, you missed. How about we try again?” If she thinks you are funny, she’ll probably let you give her a little peck. And it’s also a nice way to end the date. If she’s really not into you, then there you go. You now know how she feels and you don’t have to wonder anymore and you can move on to other girls.

    Good luck with the dating.

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