Day 11: More of the grind + some craziness

Wow, this original post was first written 10 days ago. Other shit has come up in life. I need to learn to make the time now. Here I am, making the time.

It was a gorgeous day outside today…. Though, I felt like the sun was blinding and uncomfortable… Maybe I was dressed too warmly? Maybe I need to stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter. In any case, doing all of this walking has destroyed my shoes I definitely need better walking shoes…

It's common knowledge that dating can be expensive... Add new shoes to the bill.

Never felt like I got over activation energy today.  Still had a decent day (dang wanted to go out yesterday and was in such a great mood and it was so beautiful, but had work stuff to do…).

A few interesting things happened today. First, I ran into another Russian. WTF is up with all of these Russians in NYC? Maybe I’m just into that type (admittedly all the Russians have been blonde 5’6″ish which is kind of my type).

Second, something I never expected happened. I was a crowded area (I tend to just go to crowded areas nowadays… Time is money!) and there was a pretty girl who seemed giddy… She was just kind of happily strolling along almost bouncing. I almost didn’t approach for some reason but went in. After opening, she didn’t seem as happy as at first and plainly mentioned “Yeah. Some other guy just tried that on me 5 minutes ago. It’s cute.” and took off. I at once at the coherent thought: WTF! So I shouted “Which guy?” she turned, pointed in a direction and shouted “black guy”.

In perhaps my creepiest action since beginning this grand experiment, I found this dude and observed him a bit. He was a tall, in-shape, big dude. The kind that could probably inflict loads of physical damage on myself. He was wearing big sunglasses and a big blingy neckless. He was paired up with a somewhat geekier looking white dude (if you’re reading, no worries man – I am also geekier looking than that dude). It appeared the bigger guy was teaching the other dude to chat up random girls. Great, real-life Hitch is blowing up my spot. After watching them chat up some less attractive ladies, I just continued on.

Gut with sunglasses and bling

This is certainly an over-dramatisation of what he looked like, but I need to put some kind of pics on this blog.

A few minutes later (literally), I ran into this really awesome girl. We hung out for a bit (she walked with me). Ever hang out with someone who you just felt was more relaxed, in control? Maybe cooler is the right word. That’s how this girl was. Maybe it’s because we’re different types of people. We hung out a bit. Not too sure if we’ll actually meet up again but she was really cool and really cute. Not sure if we’re each others’ types though.

I am hoping that the girls I hang out with will be more likely to meet up. So far I’ve been pushing for that more and will have to track this stat!


  • 2 to follow up on (1 we hung out for 20ish mins)
  • 7 total approaches


  • Smaller number of approaches possibly due to having to juggle work, etc.
  • maybe as weather gets nicer out, I’ll have to deal with competing day suitors, wtf.
  • try more to hang out with ladies I meet… It may increase conversion!
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