Day 13: why is everyone a model???


OK, so still really hard to find girls to approach. Did 8 approaches in 3 hours. It wasn’t really that I was scared or nervous the whole time. At first, I was for sure, but after the first approach, it was easy breezy cover girl. Also makes me wonder if the first approach went poorly would I have just gotten into a funk? Is that what causes my “off days” maybe?  Anyway, my point is it’s just hard for me to spot ladies with whom I believe I have genetic compatibility!

Pssht I hate wasting time walking around. Though, most of the 8 I did talk to were quite the jaw droppers. I think 3 of the first 4 mentioned they were models (I don’t actually care my future gf is a model or not. It’s just interesting because I’d never meet these kind of girls in my ordinary life). Maybe it’s because of the nice weather or maybe I’m developing the eye? So woot for that I guess.

So was super intimidated at first, having had some long time off. After that first approach everything was fine. The first one went pretty well – some pre-med student – we chatted for a while, but she’s got a bo.

An interesting interaction happened with a girl who thought I was selling something. She was in a quick rush after I said my the whole “I thought you looked nice and am saying hi!” thing. She looked a little distracted and I called her out. She asked what I was selling. I said “No – I’m legit just talking to you for why I said”. We chatted a bit and indicated she didn’t believe me, so I just said “I’m not selling anything, I’m hitting on you”. She seemed to understand then. We actually *did* exchange info even though it was a very fast/funny interaction (a minute or two?).

Sometimes girls' expectations make me think I'm this guy

A funny interaction I had was later on in the day there was this girl kind of standing on the corner. It wasn’t clear if she was trying to hail a cab or what (turns out she was). I did my standard schtick and she was supremely unimpressed. She kind of just kept looking away… I persisted a bit since generally that works, but she continued kept looking away as I spoke to her. Besides the strong nonverbal “go away”, she was still engaging in conversation with me, talking to me, etc. So I kept talking to her.

While she was being incredibly rude, I had reasons for continuing to talk with her: A) maybe she was being shy and would warm up and B) as my friend put it, it’s funny when strangers are rude to each other and I wanted to see what happened. (I do *not* condone overstaying your welcome BTW).

So, (A) never happened. I called her out a few times on not looking at me, but she just ignored it and strangely asked me some random small talk questions. Eventually she said “Oh, it’d be so nice if you got a cab for me”. A-ha! She was just humoring me in an effort to manipulate me into getting a cab. So I just said “Well, it’d be nice if you looked at me when we were talking” and walked off. Shame cuz she was totally my type (clearly not personality wise)!

An illustration of the second interaction... except I'm far less handsome.

Now as an aside, I am going on a very important business trip next week that will be a week in duration. On the one hand, I don’t want to neglect my experiment (which I have already been doing…. grrrr). But on the other hand, none of those girls would become my girlfriend… What are you guys’ thoughts? Should I burn a couple of my thirty days out there anyway? Or I can maybe spend allotted time reflecting and thinking more on different things to try out (more on this in the next post).


  • 8 approaches
  • 2 to follow-up on. Both models!


  • First was definitely the hardest by far. After that approaching was easy
  • Still hard to find girls I’m into fast.
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