Day 18: cold streak continues

My cold streak continues. Earlier in this experiment, I simply had more time, and powered through these (remember back on Day 4 or so when I had like 15 hard rejections in a row before getting back on track?).

It does feel like something is attributable to more than just a code streak. My approaches seem off. I’m getting a lot of flees. And it’s also pretty hard to find girls – sometimes I do wimp out… other times, it’s just hard to find hot girls in the middle of the day when normies are working. Shit’s hard bro. Wanna give me a dollar or something?

I did have an awesome 15 minute chat with a girl. It’s amazing she just instantly opened and started talking. We started talking about some piece of jewelry she had which was indicative of a whole part of her personality. Why are some so open to talk and others not? I think sometimes it’s because I do something right, other times it’s simply the lady. She has a longtime bf, but exchanged info to be friends. Beats me where this will go.

One thing I did to “warm up” was help tourists find their way and joke with them. I should do more stuff like this to bring me into a more social mood.

I was out for a solid two hours but only did four approaches. I’m still counting this since it was a solid effort and was force ended by rain.

  • 4 approaches
  • 1 “friend” number
  • still going through this cold streak
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3 Responses to Day 18: cold streak continues

  1. randomaurora says:

    I think maybe because you’ve been doing this for so long , it’s actually getting to you and you’re not being yourself? At first I thought what you were doing was such a great idea but now I can only imagine how exhausting it must be. It’s like a full time job.

    • Yeah – it has definitely felt that way at times. Remember that this was only supposed to be 30 fairly contiguous days and for a variety of reasons I’ve let it drag on. I’m working hard to free up the time to finish it up fast though.

      • randomaurora says:

        The goal was to “get out there”, talk to as many women as possible in 30 days, in hopes of finding the mythical girlfriend?

        But if you’re all fed up and you’re just looking to “Finish it up fast”, then you’re gonna end up with some random girl you don’t even like that much but she’ll have to do as a girlfriend for now, because you’re tired of having to keep approaching random girls every day.

        I sayyyy, you take a break from this madness. You’re just gonna end up settling for whoever, and that’s just a recipe for disaster. It was fun at first, but if it’s not fun anymore, it’s just gonna be a stressful situation you really don’t have to put yourself in.

        Go on vacation, take a breather, concentrate on yourself, all that good stuff.

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