Day 19: Some positivity

I stopped my first asian. I’m really not into asians. Nothing against them, just not my thang. We exchanged numbers, but really, it seemed pretty weak. She did stop and talk but we really didn’t hit it off that much.

I walked around for almost 2 hours without seeing much. There were a few gals at one point, but I psyched myself out. Really though, this is some ridiculously slim pickins. Maybe it’s because I’m doing this isn the middle of the work day and most folks are working (and college is still out). Hmm, maybe I should go out late afternoon only? That seems to make more sense.

I was about to call it a day with a SINGLE approach when I saw a gorgeous girl sitting on a bench. Normally, I try to only stop girls when walking (don’t ask me why. I think it’s because I’ve fixated on a challenge and am trying to win it). I went up to her, and she loved it. This really hot/sweet German girl (I could be wrong, but it seems like foreign girls have a tendency to be far less stuck up than Americans… Maybe it’s only because they’re traveling or something). We had an awesome 20 minute chat. I had to go, and she was leaving town the next day for the summer. We became Facebook friends.

After that, I was about to head back to work, when I realized I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time – I was warmed up doing a Hypothesis day. So, I stopped another girl near my office. Real cute. We exchanged numbers.

I then forced myself to keep going, and did exchanged with ANOTHER. Wow, 4/4 for the day.

I finished the day with a couple of mirky approaches (one just wasn’t interested, I’d say a “happy” flee. The other was just being rude so I left without even giving her a chance).

While I did have 4 to follow-ups. 1 will be out of the country / Facebook and another just wasn’t solid. The other two were more solid, but am not sure how into them I am. We’ll have to see.

I had a MUCH better non-flee rate. I did a few things that I think helped a lot there:

  • I SMILED. Big smile helps.
  • Made much stronger eye contact
  • I noticed it’s hard to smile at first, so I’ll say something like “Hey. Can I just say something?” And they’ll relax a bit and go “yeah”. And then I’ll smile. For some reason this seems to help a lot. (thanks to a reader for the suggestion)
  • I started talking to girls who were standing around and seated – not just walking. These seemed to be easier.
  • Generally, I’d only talk to super hot girls. Today, I spoke to girls who were attractive but maybe not the same jaw-droppers. I always try to talk to the most beautiful girls around, but this should def go on the record.


  • Consider going out when folks are out of work
  • Approach seated and standing girls too, no duh.
  • Say “hey. Can I say something real quick”. To let them & you adjust to interaction (and you can smile / make strong eye contact).
  • Today was terrible for 2 hours until I had a great approach with that cute German. That got me warmed up. Find ways to get warmed up. Maybe it’s just doing a bunch of throw-away chats.
  • Try to focus on listening super intently to what they are saying and using that as a way to drive the conversation. Sometimes, I think I focus too much on what I want to talk about.


  • 6 approaches
  • 4 to follow up on
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2 Responses to Day 19: Some positivity

  1. James says:

    Awesome! I’m really glad to see you’re going out more often again. These sound like some solid approaches. Make sure you’re following up on them and giving us some updates on that, too. 😉

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