Day 20: Quantity not quality

So last post I talked a bit about no wonder it’s hard to find girls. It’s because I’m going out in the middle of the day – it’s dandy that I sacrifice work to do that, but something tells me young, spry females aren’t cutting out of the ad agency to get stopped by dudes. No one is around.

So, on this day, I decided to go out 5-7 (some people in NYC get out of work at 5, right? right?). Unfortunately, in NYC, the sun sets a little after 7; and as I learned early on, doing this at night is not the best idea.

I couldn’t get out of work quite as early, so my time was even more reduce. But, I really like this 5-7 thing; in previous days, I’ve dreaded having to keep going for potentially an indefinite amount of time (3-4+ hours sometimes) especially when I have work and other responsibilities. Maybe just heading out 5-7 daily is the way to get myself to be more consistent (though this whole Ned Stark thing may bite me in the ass – the sun will start setting sooner.)

Standard pattern that has emerged: it usually takes about ~30 minutes of walking around for me to adjust and make my first approach. It could be I’m wimping out, but it seems like I just don’t find girls I like until then… Maybe I’m too picky when I first start walking?

Today I only did 3 approaches. Normally, I wouldn’t count it. But these were very solid approaches. Each one was an extended conversation with very lovely girls. Two resulted in information exchange (though one had a boyfriend, we decided to stay in touch via Facebook). I actually do feel like I am making progress – today I just felt more normal and relaxed.

One thing that has seemed very important to me is that my mood tends to dictate how well the approaches go. Today, I was feeling very good – I woke up early, went for a run, had a solid day of work, and just felt good. I wonder if there’s some kind of way to always put me in this mood. I should look into that since it correlates with success so strongly.

One observation I have is that conversations seem to start well. And after talking for a few minutes, today, the girls started looking away and realizing that they should go… Something is dropping off. It’s good that I’m starting well, but I wonder how to keep it going.

  • 3 approaches
  • 2 to follow up on (and 1 BF)
  • Go out 5-7pm. More people, you won’t be dissuaded by an infinite amount of time, and you can do it very frequently.
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