Day 21: one sec gotta read

OK, so going out again 5-7, had a good productive day.

A few boyfriends, a few flees… On the way back, the sun was setting. I was walking through a typically crowded park. And I saw a blonde lady reading a book on a bench. I wanted to get back, but after walking past, forced myself to go up to her. After sitting down next to her, which she said was cool, she literally asked me to wait a minute because she was on the last paragraph of her book (I could actually see the page).

We chatted a bit. She was very mellow, very likable. I didn’t really do a great job of keeping the conversation going… Something that’s been pretty tough for me – it’ll start off going well – girl will smile and be engaged. But I’ll just sort of lead the conversation into an uninteresting area, I guess. This is definitely something I think I’ve been getting better at and will continue with over time.

So I asked her if she wanted to go out, which she said sure – only after laughing and mentioning that I’m the second guy to approach her while she was sitting there (must be annoying to be a pretty girl in NYC).

Though, honestly, it doesn’t really seem like a strong number….

  • 5 approaches
  • 1 to follow up on
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