Day 22: A good day.

OK cool. So now that the 5-7 thing works out, I can sort of get a more consistent routine going. I can work for most of the day, and jump out of the office at 5pm. A bit early for my industry, but I’m willing to take the hit in the name of science.

I went out today, feeling OK. I decided to walk a different route – I typically walk the same route through the city and am kind of sick of it. Thankfully, I discovered a gold mine on this new route – and it’s closer to my office!

I was walking down the street and this lady sauntered past. I realized I had no excuse not to stop her, so I ran back and started talking to her.  She seemed like she was in a rush and said it (and didn’t speak English great – is from Paris, which I think is awesome). I kept talking to her and she started warming up. Just being smiley, joking, nice turned her around (Go figure). I feel like you have a short window to present this.

We made plans to go out, exchanged info and split. I had some other promising approaches – there were many more girls in this part / time of town, and the first approach got me totally into the mood. I had a few flees, but generally, things went well. Right after fizzling out with another girl, I saw one standing nearby. I went over and things went real well – this is probably the solidest number I’ve gotten in a while (thou that’s not saying much).

  • 7 approaches
  • 2 numbers
  • 1 new awesome area to talk to girls at
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One Response to Day 22: A good day.

  1. JJ says:

    Keep up the work! You can do it!!!

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